7 Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs: Little Crate Pads For Puppies

the best dog beds for small dogs

When it comes to puppies and little dogs, a bed specifically made for small dogs is necessary. Your puppy deserves a good sleep and a soft crate pad can help them with this.

There are a lot of small beds on the market, but how do you know what ones will provide comfort for your pet? Toy dogs have special needs and might need a different bed than a different size breed.

That's where we can help. We have years of experience dealing with little dogs like Chihuahuas, Pomeranian's, Poodles and more. 

If you want to know what the best dog beds for small dogs are, then make sure to read to the end of this article. We'll go over which ones give the best bang for the buck.

Here are our top 5 rated picks for small beds. All of these are specially made with puppies and toy dogs in mind.

Blueberry Pet Pet Bed

This is a bolstered bed for smaller breeds that is made with a comfy microsuede material for the cover. It is filled with eco-friendly microfiber. This means that it provides a great level of comfort for any pooch that sleeps on it.

The cover is fully removable and machine washable. You can wash it in cold water with ease. The external dimensions of this small dog bed are 25″x 21″x 10″, while the internal dimensions are 14″x 11.5″x 5.5″.

It weighs around 6 pounds and is made to look like a sofa. There are two colors available for this bed. One is champagne beige and tango red, the other is champagne beige and brilliant blue.

Brindle Soft Foam Dog Bed

The Brindle soft small dog bed is a light and portable pad that works well for traveling around with your little dog. It is made to fit well in crates that are sized 30 x 19″.

It can conform to the shape of your pet to give them maximum comfort and helps to relieve achy bones. The cover is soft and made of microsuede which can be removed and washed with ease.

There are 3 layers in this bed that are made of microfiber shredded foam that makes for good breathability. This bed is great for small breeds like Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, and Dachshunds. There are additional sizes to fit a different breed as well.

Precision Pet SNZ HZZ Donut Bed

The Precision pet SNZ HZZ bed is a great option for little dogs that like to cuddle up and be cozy in their bed. This is made possible with the super soft velour cover that is over the entire surface where your pup sleeps.

You don’t have to worry about this one moving around because of the non-skid backing that stops it from sliding around. The walls are also raised which gives a lot of support for the head, neck, and back of your pet.

To top it off this small dog bed is machine washable which makes cleaning easy if your pet happens to have any accidents.

Precision Pet SN MC Round Shearling Bed

Similar to the SNZ HSS reviewed above, this shearling bed is made for luxury with plush fabric that will ensure the comfiness of your dog. The main difference is the material that is a bit different than the other model.

There is a bolster that provides a lot of support for the smallest pooches. Breeds like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and others will love the coziness of this bed.

Hollypet PV Fabric Plush Dog Bed Self-warming

The Hollypet PV is a dog bed that is lightweight and designed to be moved around easily. Its plush fabric will make your pet comfortable and happy to have a place to lie in. It’s specially made for little dogs and measures in at 19.7 x 16.14 x 6.3 inches.

The fabric is “easy care” which means that it is machine washable, so spills and accidents can be cleaned up with ease. This makes it good for dogs that might have bladder issues.

Overall a great choice for toy breeds like the Chihuahua, Pomeranian and others.

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

The OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler is a great option for dogs that weigh up to 25 pounds and like to have a feeling of security. This bed helps them feel cozy and safe with it’s high bolstered walls and comfortable feel.

The back of the bed is 12″ high at the peak, whereas the front is 9″ high. This combination delivers good support and can help to relieve head and neck pain in little dogs.

It’s fairly easy to clean as well because it is washer and dryer safe. The bottom is even waterproof for added protection. You won’t have to worry about accidents getting through the bottom of this one.

The filling is made of AirLoft fiber which keeps the bed soft and plump for up to 3 times longer than other fibers in comparable models. There are also 6 different colors so it will go well in a variety of rooms.

Stratford Home 24 x 18 x 11 Quilted Cat/Dog Bed

The Stratford home dog bed is an eco-friendly option that is assembled and made in the USA using 100% recycled fiber. It’s always great to help save the environment whenever possible.

The plush fill is filled to the fullest to give your pet the comfort it deserves. The fill will keep its form for a while and not have the fabric get pushed down.

This bed is perfect for pets that are around the 30 pound or less range and is able to keep them warm. It measures in at 24 x 18 x 11 which is good for pets around the 10-30 pound range.

One thing to mention is that this bed shouldn’t be machine washed. It is advisable to only spot clean it.

Small Puppy Bed Buying Guide

Little Size

Obviously, when you buy a little dog pad you want it to fit wherever you need it to go. Before you decide you can just measure the area that it will stay in and make sure that the model you want will fit properly.


The cover of the small bed is also quite important. Which type you get will depend on how well behaved your pet is. If you have a chewer dog, then getting something tough is necessary to prevent damage to the bed. If your dog is older and has bladder issues then something waterproof is a must.


Another essential thing to consider is the filling inside the bed. The types that are commonly used are memory foam, polyester, beads and other materials. If your puppy has any allergies it’s important to get something that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction.

Washable or Not

The material of some pet beds is washable while others don’t have this feature. If you have a pooch that likes to play outside in the mud and carries a strong scent then getting a washable bed is an absolute must.

Small Dog Comfort

In order for smaller canines to actually use their pad and stay off the sofa or bed, it must be comfortable for them. If it isn’t then they will have little incentive to use it. We have to remember that they don’t have much body mass to support them so they may be more sensitive to hard surfaces.


Overall any of the above products would be a great product to help your little dog sleep. If you want to see some other options then check out some top dog crate beds so that your pooch gets the rest he deserves!