Proselect Empire Dog Crate Review

If you have a big, powerful or more aggressive dog then a plastic or fabric crate simply wont cut it.  We have big dogs ourselves and know all about the problems that can arise when they somehow manage to get out.  You need something tough, which is where the ProSelect Empire Dog Crate comes in.  Not only does it tick those boxes but it can stand up to the punishment of even the most hyper and energetic dogs and keep them safe at the same time.  This is the perfect option for powerful breeds like Pitbulls, Great Danes, Mastiffs, German Shepherds and any other large breed.

Pro Select Empire Description

Just one quick glance at this cage and you can see that it’s tough.  It’s made of 20 gauge steel and has .5 inch reinforcements which are in the inserts.  It’s virtually impossible for dogs to get out of by themselves.  The hinges, welding, and locks are made of quality materials and built to last a long time.

The metal also has a coating to protect it from the outdoor elements and stop rust so the crate can be used outdoor or indoors no problem.

It’s clear that they had safety in mind when they designed this crate as all the corners are rounded off and not sharp at all.  This crate is also crash proof so if you get in an accident your dog will be much safer.

Included with the cage is four removable locking casters, a floor grate and steel tray.  The removable steel tray makes cleaning a breeze so you can just remove the tray, dump it and then hose it off.

Although the crate weighs a lot at 75 pounds it rolls on wheels which provide two benefits.  First it just makes it easier to transport, and second it prevents your pet from scratching and damaging the floor as well, so you can setup this crate inside no problem.

There are also 2 sizes of this cage available so you can get one that’s the perfect size for your dog.  Both sizes are very easy to assemble as well so you don’t need to be a master handyman or anything.

What We Like

  • Strong and tough to contain troublesome hounds
  • Easy cleaning with the removable tray.
  • Wheels allow it to be rolled around easily.
  • Can be used outdoors and is rust resistant with a hammer tone finish.
  • Two sliding latches will stop even the most crafty dogs.

What We Don’t Like

  • The price for this crate is on the higher end, although like we always say it will pay for itself in the long run by not having to be replaced.
  • Having to lift it in and out of a car or truck regularly is not ideal due to the 75-pound weight

The Bottom Line

If you have a big, powerful dog or even one that just loves to get out, it doesn’t get much better than the ProSelect Empire Dog Crate.  It’s literally designed for these issues.  If you are looking for something different then don’t worry there are other options that you can check out here