2018’s Best Indestructible Dog Bed Reviews: Chew Proof, Durable & Tough!

indestructible dog beds

Every dog needs a bed or pad. It doesn’t matter what breed or how old they are, having a special place that they can go and relax is essential for the health and well being of your canine.

However, some pets need a special kind of bed… Have you ever had a dog that likes to chew? If so you’ll understand how frustrating it can be to come home and see that unmistakable guilty look on their face. You look around and sure enough, they’ve completely destroyed their bed!

This is a situation that could be prevented had you bought an indestructible dog bed. Keep reading while we go over what the best chew proof dog beds on the market are that your pet can’t destroy…

Best Indestructible Dog Beds For Chewers

Here are our recommendations for the 5 best heavy duty dog beds on the market that your pet won’t be able to tear apart. They are great for aggressive chewer breeds like the Pitbull.

K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed

This durable pad is designed for pooches that are classified as light to moderate chewers. This covers about 90% of all breeds, except for breeds with extreme strength.

It is made of a sturdy 5-inch thick foam mattress. The bottom is 3.5 inches thick and composed of high-density foam that will support your puppy very well. The top layer is 1.5 inches and made of high-density foam.

This foam will help to give your pet a great sleep, as well as decreasing joint and bone pressure. This is crucial for older pets that tend to have more of these issues. When they have less pressure on their body the blood circulation gets better and that is good for the whole body.

The number of weak spots on this product is greatly decreased with strategic seam placement and velcro closures. The TUFF flex ballistic material and Rip-Stop material enables the covers to be extremely tough and durable. The covers are also machine washable, odor resistant, water resistant, and hair resistant to make it extra long-lasting.

Big Barker 7-inch Pillow Top Bed

This bed is suited for larger breeds. It comes in 3 different sizes: L, XL, and Giant XXL. These should be enough for breeds, like Great Danes and Rottweilers.

A lot of the time when your pooch is in pain they hide it because they are not conditioned to show weakness. Just like humans though they get uncomfortable and can have painful joint problems and other issues.

Buying a tough dog bed like this will ensure that your best friend has somewhere comfortable to sleep for years to come. This will help to decrease their joint pain and stress by a great amount.

This company really stands by their product and offers a 10 year Can’t flatten, won’t flatten warranty. This guarantees that the foam will retain 90% of its original shape for 10 years or you can get your money back. That should provide you with some great insight into the quality of this product. Not all brands will provide a guarantee like that.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for older canines to develop arthritis problems. The Big Barker does a great job at helping to alleviate these issues because of the 7-inch height. This enables dogs with joint issues to get off the bed from a lying down position, rather than having to raise themselves up from the ground like with other products that sit lower.

The covers of this bed are made with tightly woven microfiber that makes them highly resistant to chewing, digging and even scratch resistant. To top it off they are made with some of the most durable, furniture grade American made orthopedic foam so that your dog always has a comfortable sleep.

This bed even includes the support layer between two thick layers of a more comfortable type of foam. This type of foam actually contours to your dog’s frame and evenly distributes the weight very well, giving them a comfortable sleep.

Kuranda Ultra Duty Chewproof Outdoor Bed

This durable dog bed by Kuranda is made with high-quality lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. This material can support a whopping 250 pounds, being more than enough for even the heaviest breeds.

There’s even an elevated design that will keep your pooch off the ground. This can come in very handy for those days where the ground is wet. You don’t want your best friend getting cold and wet on the ground so this is an awesome feature whether you use it indoors or outdoors.

Another benefit of the elevated feature is that it will help to keep your pet’s joints under less stress, as the cot design will distribute their weight evenly which ensures they don’t get sore.

Blueberry Premium Overstuffed Heavy Duty Pet Bed

The Blueberry Premium is made of microsuede material that makes for a very comfortable surface for your dog to sleep on. The sides are also bolstered which means that they are supported and reinforced for added strength so your pet will be held safely.

The bolstered sides and rugged material is also fairly chewproof and is able to stop mischevious puppies from destroying it with ease.

Two different options for the color: champagne beige & brilliant blue or champagne beige & tango red make it a great option to match the decor in a lot of homes while at the same time hiding dirt stains and hair.

The bed itself is made of strong stitching and no chew fabric, similar to the material in heavy duty harnesses. Easy to remove nylon cases house the filling and make it easy to clean or even replace them when needed. Your dog will be quite comfy with the outside canvas material which is thick and strong, yet comfortable for your pooch at the same time.

The zippers are also heavy duty themselves which is great because zippers are often a weak point on pads that break often. There are five different zippers on this indestructible dog bed, with one on the bottom and one for each side.

The inside of this one is made up of five different pillows that are made with a strong nylon covering. the bottom pillow has 3 different sections that stop the filler from clumping together and being uncomfortable for your pet.

Chew Proof Dog Beds Buyers Guide

If you’re in need of some tips on how to pick out the toughest anti chew and dig proof bed on the market then read on and we’ll go over the key points to consider.

Zipper or No Zipper

The zipper is one of those parts of the bed that breaks the most often. The reason for this is that it’s easy for chewer dogs to get it if it’s situated on the outside. A zipper does make it easy to remove the cover for washing but there’s an even better solution. Velcro closures that sit on the bottom are inaccessible and therefore tear proof for your mischevious pup.

Outer Cover

One of the most important things to consider with chew free dog beds is the outer cover. Some pooches are very strong and can chew through ruff material like kevlar and even metal. It is the first thing that will stop them from getting into the filling inside, which you know they’ll love to rip out and spread all over the house. Get an unbreakable dog bed with a good cover to stop this.

Corner Shape

Another common strategy canines use to try and rip apart their non chew dog bed is to grab onto the corner and use the leverage they get to help them destroy it. If the corners are rounded, however, they will have a much harder time with this and the pad will last that much longer.

Fill material

canine happy on bedThe size of your pet will determine what kind of fill you want in the heavy duty dog bed.

For younger canines, a lightweight and soft fill is ideal as they won’t be comfortable on anything dense. Polyfill is a good option here.

For dogs with health issues, you’ll want to get them something that will adapt to their body and offer a lot of support. It’s good to shoot for 5+ inches of foam.

Chew Resistant Dog Beds & Sleeping Position

When buying a destruction proof dog bed, there are a few things to consider so that you get the right design for your pooch. They enjoy sleeping in different positions and some undestroyable dog beds are better than others depending on how they sleep.

Extended Legs

This is that signature position of dogs that like to sprawl out as much as they can. If you’ve ever had a dog that slept in your bed then you might be familiar with this as they can spread across an entire king size pretty easily. If this sounds like your canine you’ll want to make sure to get an unrippable dog bed that will allow them to spread out.

Curled Up

This is a more common position for timid puppies and the breeds that like to burrow like Chihuahuas. They will curl up into a ball and make themselves feel small and secure. A nesting bed would work well for these dogs and if it has high walls it would be a bonus.

older dog

Old Dogs

For older pets that might have some health problems, you’ll definitely want to buy a hard wearing dog bed that is made of high-quality materials and are comfortable. Anything elevated will also help if they have joint problems like arthritis.

Why Buy A Heavy Duty Dog Bed?

So why would you want to pick a bite proof bed over the some of the others? We will go over exactly why these might be a good option for your destructive dog.

Comfortable Sleep

Just like humans, dogs need a comfortable place to sleep. If you have a dog house, then one of these pads is a great way to make your pooches time in there more comfortable. This will also make it easier to train them, as they won’t be as reluctant to go inside.

Tough and Unchewable

Maybe you’ve tried other types of dog beds in the past? If you have and were disappointed, then don’t worry you’re not alone. Many of us have come home to a huge mess from our pet ripping apart it’s bed. That’s where these tuff mats can help, by preventing this problem.

There are some breeds that are just born to chew! You might NEED to get a strong bed for these chewers. Breeds like Pitbulls are notorious for this, they need something bulletproof.

Indestructible Dog Bed Frequently Asked Questions

Do DIY Chew Proof Dog Beds Work?

There are some people that try to make their own chew proof dog bed. Whether you will succeed with this really depends on the type of dog you have. Strong dogs will most likely tear through any attempt at a “DIY” chew proof dog bed with ease.

It’s possible that it could work for smaller, mellow breeds, however, we say it’s best to just leave it to the experts and get a proven bed for chewer dogs.


We hope you enjoyed the recommendations for these types of dog beds. No matter if you’re in the US, Canada, UK or somewhere else you should be able to find what you need. If you want to see other options you can view more of the best dog beds. We also have information on how to stop chewing with different methods.