Variocage Double Crash Tested Dog Crate Review

Are you moving, or just doing some traveling with your dog?  Or maybe you just want to have complete peace of mind that your beloved pet will be safe in the event of a car crash.  We get it, accidents happen and in today’s world of distractions it’s a must to have your dog restrained when in the car.  It definitely pays to take precautions, as an unrestrained pet is not only dangerous to itself but also to you.  The reason for this is that the impact of a car crash can turn your dog into a dangerous projectile.  This dog crate will stop that from happening and keep both of you safe.  Keep reading to find out why it’s the top product in this category.

Variocage Best Features

At first glance this crate might look very complex and intimidating, but don’t worry it’s not!  The installation is easy and it can be put in cars and trucks of various sizes without the need for any modification.  There are 2 separate parts which are used for the floor and roof as well as telescopic tubes, which allow for the length of the cage to be adjusted.  It comes in a whopping 14 different sizes so there will be an option for every size of dog and vehicle.  There is also a single version of this crate available if needed.

The construction of this kennel is great.  Completely safe and of the highest quality ASTM A366 gauge steel.  It is the only cage of it’s kind that has passed front, rear and roll over crash tests, and has been used in Europe for almost 10 years already.  There is even a built in crumple region to absorb the impact of an accident.  This allows the floor, roof and telescopic tubes to be pushed together in the event of a rear end collision.

Another feature of the Variocage is that it has super strong load tested straps to anchor it firmly in your vehicle.  This is important to keep it held down in the event of a crash.

Escaping dogs will not be a problem with this crate either as it has a built in lock for maximum security so you don’t need to go out and get a padlock.  Gas hydraulic motion springs power the locking doors.  There is also an emergency exit hatch built in for maximum safety.

Carpet made of rubber makes cleaning easy and it’s possible to add spill proof water bowls and leash hooks for added convenience.


  • The only dog crate of it’s kind that passes all government crash tests.
  • Huge variety of sizes for all dogs and vehicle sizes.
  • Strong hydraulic powered locking doors.
  • Emergency exit hatch.
  • Rubber carpet makes cleaning easy.
  • Indestructible.


  • Price is a bit high but so is the quality of this crate.


The bottom line is this is the best-certified crash tested crate on the market that passes all government tests.  If you want complete peace of mind for your dog then this is a solid choice and we would highly recommend.  If you want to see our top 5 overall picks then follow the link back to the homepage