2018’s Best Chew Proof Dog Harness: Indestructible and Heavy Duty

the best chew proof dog harnesses

It’s happened to all of us – you and your furry friend are out on your daily walk when suddenly, a squirrel darts across your path. Before you have time to distract your pooch, he bolts towards his new friend. You might have had a firm grip on his leash, but unfortunately, he took off so quickly that he literally pulled his neck right out of his collar!

Being able to go on walks with your puppy would be much easier and less stressful if you had a chew proof dog harness that you could clip his leash on to, instead of relying on a regular collar that he can wriggle out of. Luckily, there are a few different options that you can choose from that will ensure safe and fun walks for both you and your best friend.

It's very normal for dogs to get excited when it comes time to explore the neighborhood – they get so excited in fact, that they pull and yank on you the whole time you’re walking because they want to see and sniff everything they possibly can. Some may even try and chew at their leash if you’re not walking with them fast enough. They have places to be and you’re not keeping up!

An indestructible dog harness would ensure that your best friend can’t chew his way to freedom and potentially get into a dangerous situation while gallivanting around. Luckily we have reviewed the top escape proof dog harnesses. Keep reading to find out which ones are actually unchewable, and which ones your dog will rip apart with no effort...





Ruffwear Front Range



Ezy Dog Convert Harness



Kurgo Tru Fit



There are a few different types of heavy duty dog harnesses that you can choose from – all of which serve the same purpose; to keep your pup safe and comfortable while out and about on a leash. Some are standard for dogs of all sizes and can be adjusted depending on their height and weight, but others are more suited for certain breeds as they are more of a fixed size.

1. Ruffwear Front Range All Day Adventure Harness

The Ruffwear Front Range All Day Adventure Harness is a great option for most dogs. It is easy to put on and has two points that you can clip the leash to. A strong and durable aluminum ring enables it to withstand lots of abuse from pullers. Some webbing that is held to the dog’s chest makes it even stronger and therefore easier to control your pet.

This product has four different adjustment points that allow a good range of motion for lots of different breeds. The load is distributed evenly and comfortably with the padded chest. Visibility is very good as well with colors such as campfire orange, aspen glow pink, pacific blue and twilight gray. Good visibility is necessary for keeping you and your canine safe when going for walks in the evening or early morning.

2. Kurgo Tru-fit Enhanced Strength

If you’re looking for a cheap but tough no chew harness that’s easy to put on, then the Kurgo Tru-fit Enhanced Strength may be the one for you. It allows you to take your pooch out hiking or just to the park and have peace of mind knowing that they will have a hard time breaking some of the strongest material that this product uses.

Ease of use is another benefit of this chew proof harness, as you can slip it on over your pets head and close the buckle near the midsection. The fit can be customized with five different adjustment options that will make it comfortable for many different breeds whether it’s a poodle or a pit bull.

Safety is another great aspect of this indestructible dog harness as it is crash tested for dogs up to 75 pounds and comes with a 10-inch seat belt loop and carabiner. This enables you to keep your pet safe when taking them on car rides.

3. Ezydog Convert Harness

The Ezydog Convert harness is a great product for active dog owners. It has side mount attachments for putting accessories in which comes in handy during long walks.

There’s even an option to remove the company logo on the side and use your own side patch labels. Your dog will be kept comfortable with the cotton lining while also being very secure because of the strong but breathable webbing material.

Similar to LED collars, there is a light mount with a reflective strip on both the back and front, to help keep your pet visible when walking at night and in the morning. It also has cool features like an ID attachment and an easy touch traffic handle.

This chew proof harness is good for both the trail, as well as walking in urban areas with the security and pinch-free restraint. It fits dogs with a girth of 27.5 – 35.5 inches so make sure to measure them to get the best size for them.

Why Buy an Unchewable Harness?

You might be wondering why you should shell out the money for one of these harnesses when there are cheaper options available. The main reason is that they will last much longer if you have a chewer dog. Sure it might cost a bit more at the beginning, but in the long run the harness will pay for itself by not having to be replaced. If you have a canine that chews you’ll know how much of a pain it can be to have gear get destroyed. 

Types Of Indestructible Dog Harnesses

standard harnessVest dog harnesses are typically used more for decoration than strength – they are more suited for smaller, more docile pets who have owners that like to accessorize. The vest goes around the body with a thin fabric and is held together with thin straps.

Chances are, the dogs who wear these will not be able to pull you around in the first place, but they will also not choke from their collar if they pull on the leash a little bit.

The Standard type of dog harness is designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. It fits perfectly around the midsection, as well as above and below their front legs. Most of them have a convenient strap that can be loosened or tightened, conforming to the dog’s weight and girth. The leash then attaches to the top portion of the back.

The Easy-On harness is another one that is not typically recommended for bigger breeds like an Alaskan Malamute. It has a buckle that allows for quick attachment and removal of the harness itself, however, it can be quite weak and thin when it comes to stronger animals.

The Step-In harness is great for all types of canines. Your pooch can literally step into it with their front legs, and the harness hooks above their back and neck area to avoid any type of choking or discomfort.

The Built-In Leash harness comes as one piece with the harness and leash as a single unit. This is great for all types of dogs. It gives you the peace of mind knowing it won’t come apart.

Heavy Duty Harness Buying Guide

Escape Proof Harness Size

When it comes to fitting your friendly canine for a chew proof harness, it is important to get the measurements correct to be sure you are getting the safest harness possible. If you choose one that is not snug enough, there is a good chance your pet escapes mid-walk. On the other end of it, if you buy one that is too tight, it can cause discomfort and pain for your furry friend.

You need to be able to measure the girth of your puppy right around the middle of their bodies. A size extra small (8-14 inches) is recommended for breeds like Poodle’s or Chihuahua’s; small size (10-20 inches) is better suited for Beagle’s and Terrier’s; Medium (16-28 inches) is suggested for a Pug or even a Dalmatian and the large size (26-40 inches) would be better suited for a Labrador, Husky or German Shepherd.

Strong & Heavy Duty Materials

strong harnessA pup chews on things – anything and everything they can get their paws on, usually ends up in their mouths at some point.  This is why people buy strong dog harnesses in the first place, to stop them from escaping.

A dog’s teeth can be exceptionally strong so you don’t want the harness you buy to be made of a cheap material that they can chew right through and damage.

Durability is important as well, seeing as you don’t want the material to rip or fall apart just from too much use. The number one recommended material to look for when purchasing a new heavy duty dog harness is nylon.

This type of material is designed with woven strands to ensure reliability and durability for a long time. It is also sometimes found in other dog products. A biased strip is something to look for as well. This is a piece of material that is fused together to give extra strength to the product.


At the end of the day, the safety and well-being of your dog should be the most important thing. Taking them for daily walks is beneficial for you and them but taking that extra step and getting a product that ensures safety just that much more will really make a difference. You know your dogs capabilities when it comes to chewing and destroying things.

You know the strength they possess when it comes to being on a leash and them pulling you to move quicker. Make things easier and more comfortable on both of you with a new escape proof dog harness. Your arms and dog will thank you.

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