Diamond Deluxe Aluminum Dog Box For Sale: Great for Trucks

This aluminum dog box by Diamond Deluxe is a popular option for anyone that is in need of a box to put in their truck, suv, or atv.  It is made in the USA and constructed of diamond tread aluminum.  This material is extremely strong and can hold the most mischievous dogs.  Keep reading to find out some of the cool features of this dog box.

Features of this Hunting Dog Box

As said in the title one of the main attractions of the Diamond Deluxe aluminum dog kennel is that you can put it in the back of you pickup truck and easily transport your dogs anywhere you need to go.  This is great for going on a hunting, fishing or camping trip.  If you need a quality dog box for your beagle or bird dog then this is a great choice compared to the other options for sale at local dealers.

The box has an overall weight of 25 pounds and is made of extremely strong diamond tread aluminum.  There is a carrying handle so it’s easy to get in and out of your truck or atv as well.  There are vents on the side that allow your pet to have some air circulation on those hot days and cool down a bit easier.

The inside walls feature a corrugated plastic insulation and a locking T-handle for maximum security.  The vents also slide shut which can help keep your hound warmer in colder weather.  This kennel is designed to be impossible for your dog to open the locking T-handle on the outside.  This box is a blessing for anyone that has a troublesome pooch.

The dimensions of this box are 17 1/4 inches wide X 30 inches Long X 20 inches tall.  The amount of space should be enough to fit most medium to large size breeds except for maybe Great Danes and other X Large breeds.  As with any crate make sure to measure your canine properly before purchasing.

What We Like

  • diamond deluxeVery strong diamond tread aluminum is indestructible and completely chew proof.
  • The locking T-handle on the outside can’t be opened by any dog.
  • Lightweight (25 pounds) and comes with carrying handles for easy lifting.
  • Fits perfectly in the back of a pickup truck, suv or even on an atv so you can take your dog on hunting or fishing trips.

What We Don’t like

  • Price is on the higher side.
  • Might not be able to fit very large dogs like Mastiffs or Great Danes

The Bottom Line

The Diamond Deluxe aluminum dog truck box is a very solid choice if you’re looking for a crate that can be put in your truck and be taken on hunting trips or just around town.  The tough aluminum walls and the plastic interior are chew proof, as well as the locking T-handle on the outside which makes it impossible for your hound to get out.  We like how light this box is and how easy it is to get in and out of a truck bed.  Give this truck dog box a shot and you won’t be disappointed!  Don’t forget to check out more great dog crate reviews on the homepage.