Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel Review

Trying to choose the right crate for your dog can be a daunting task.  There’s a lot of things to consider and a lot of different types of crates as well.  If you have a small dog you don’t want the crate to be too big or they could escape, and if you have a bigger dog you want them to be able to have enough room.  Luckily the Vari Kennel by Petmate is a versatile kennel designed to please most people and their dogs.  It gives your dogs the comfort and security they need so you can have peace of mind.  Read on to find out what the key features of this product are and why you will like it.

Vari Kennel Ultra Sizes and Features

The Vari Kennel is very lightweight being made of tough, durable polypropylene plastic.  This makes it super easy to carry around and good for traveling.  It is also truly airline approved so if you’re going on a trip then this would be an excellent choice.

It is a great choice for house training puppies, as if they suffer from separation anxiety the crate can help them to feel safer and more comfortable.  The interior moat inside keeps any accidents contained which makes for an easier cleanup job as well.  There are many different sizes available so there will be an option for any dog from under 10 pounds all the way up to 125 pounds.

The Vari Kennel is also very easy to put together and doesn’t require any tools.  The steel door is chrome plated which looks great and the corners are rounded off so your dog wont cut themselves if they try to chew out.  Also chewing out is fairly difficult with the material of this kennel so the escape artist type dogs should still be contained just fine.

What We Like

  • Sturdy and tough construction made with polypropylene plastic.
  • Easy to put together and no tools required, which is good for non handy people.
  • The leak proof moat at the bottom contains accidents and keeps your dog dry at the same time.
  • Double wire windows on the side.
  • Eco friendly and made with 25% recycled material in the USA.
  • Approved by almost all airlines so you can take your dog with you wherever you wish.
  • Secure locking door with good fasteners and a notch on the top that you can loop a seat belt through for extra safety.
  • Can make even shy dogs feel safe and comfortable.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some people complain that there is no vent in the back of the crate which can be an issue for airline travel.  It’s an easy fix though and you can just drill some holes in the back to fix this.
  • The “animal” stickers that airlines put on might come off due to the texture of the crate material.

The Bottom Line

Overall the Petmate Vari Kennel plastic dog crate is a very solid choice for just about any size of pet.  It’s extremely versatile and can be used indoors, outdoors and for travel.  It has extremely high ratings for a reason.  If you’re looking for something else then check out more reviews.