Rottweiler: Dog Breed Information, Lifespan and Facts

rottweilerThe Rottweiler is a bigger dog with a well-muscled body, slightly elongated in relation to its compact, vigorous height. It exudes strength, suppleness and resistance. The head is a medium length with a muzzle that’s as long as the skull. The eyes are very dark, almond-shaped, of average size. The ears are medium sized, triangular in shape, very spread apart and attached high on the head. The neck is robust and dry, without a dewlap. The chest is wide and deep. The back is straight, sturdy and taut. The limbs are well balanced, robust and well muscled. The tail, cut, is short and robust, carried horizontally.

Hair: medium length, hard, compact with a presence of undercoat.

Color: black with well defined markings of brown-tawny color on the cheeks, eyes, muzzle, lower part of neck, chest, inner part of limbs, base of tail.

Size: 65 to 70 cm for the male and 60 to 65 cm for the female

Weight: approximately 40 to 50 kg

Rottweiler Origin and History

Its ancient origin is common to that of all the dogs which have a common ancestor. Dogs of the molossoid type were present, under different names according to region, throughout Germany. Its name comes from the town of Rottweil , where the dog was very common. It is an extremely versatile animal because of it’s ability to stand guard, defend it’s master and perform other duties, such as dog sledding.

Character and Temperament

Tranquil, docile and faithful to it’s family, the Rottweiler is a very good defender, endowed with great courage and an extremely powerful bite. It loves children as long as they know how to respect it’s boundaries. It is one of the most powerful defense dogs, but also the most balanced and reliable if it has good genetics and its master is a good trainer and person. They make very good guard dogs and are a very good companion. They are also a very good looking dog because of their confident posture. They should always be trained, which they excel in very much. Most Rottweilers are very dominant and therefore need an energetic and reliable owner.

Training For Crates

Given how powerful these dogs are it’s essential that you get a heavy duty crate for them.  They will destroy the standard wire types in just minutes.  To view some strong dog crates go here  In order to effectively crate train these dogs you need to make sure that they understand you are the alpha.  Don’t punish them when they escape but instead reward them for staying in their crate.

Rottweiler Health

It is a very energetic and robust dog that does not pose any particular problems.
Average life expectancy: roughly 12 years

Notes and tips: Today it is a dog that scares people off because of some irresponsible people who buy it to have a tough dog, making it nasty by a cruel treatment. In reality, the Rottweiler is a dog with strong temperament, that will adapt to the owner.