Pug Dog Breed: Information, Facts and Lifespan


There are a couple varieties of Pugs that will be gone over briefly: 1. black mask, 2. black, 3. silver, 4. apricot with black mask

It is a true small dog in all aspects. Compact, square, and muscular, it has a broad, round head, a square and short snout, with wide and deep wrinkles. The eyes are large and prominent. The ears are small and pink shaped. The body is short and compact, the neck ample and prominent. The tail is twisted and wrapped close to the hip: the double turn in the tail is very highly desired. The legs are strong and straight, at average length.

Coat: short, soft and smooth.

Color: depending on the variety, silver, apricot, fawn or black. The clear colors always have a well defined black mask that looks very good.

Size: 35 – 40 cm for the male and 30 – 35 cm for the female

Weight: 6 to 8 kg

Pug History

The Pug is an older breed, it was created and bred in China (it was the favorite dog of the people there), but it was also very sought after in Europe and England. These two nations have claimed the development of the breed based on the very good selection that they applied since ancient times. Finally, the breed of the Pug has also been given credit to Great Britain. This dog has experienced difficult times but it is always appreciated and fairly widespread.

Pug Character Traits

The Pug is a friendly little dog that is very sweet with everyone. It is ready to be pampered by strangers, even if it still loves it’s master the most in the world. It likes to receive visits and generally adopts attitudes that are more human than dog. For example it might watch television and sleep on a bed. It has a great sense of humor and loves to play and have fun games. Despite its weird appearance, its character is that of a real nice dog, reliable when you need it to be.

Ideal Living Conditions

In a house, next to it’s master is the only way of life that makes the Pug really happy. Since it does not need to do a lot of physical exercise, it’s suited for the elderly.


Its negative trait is its eyes, which redden easily and become inflamed. They must be cleaned every day. Like all flat muzzle dogs, it suffers a lot during the heat. The female may have problems when giving birth and a Caesarean section is often necessary to be safe. It’s necessary to watch closely as the dog grows for health issues.

Average life expectancy: roughly 10 years


The Pug is not as delicate as it looks. If you care about it, it’s a sturdy little dog that rarely falls ill. However, it is important to choose a puppy that has good genetics, because like all other small dogs, a faulty selection leads to obesity and the appearance of health problems.