What are the Pros and Cons of Crate Training Your Dog?

pooch in it's home

Whether or not you should crate your dog is always a controversial subject. If you search online you’ll see people arguing over the pros and cons of crate training. It can get really confusing as both sides will bring up a variety of valid points.

So what are you supposed to do? That’s what we aim to help with. Read this article and we will lay out all the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision for your pet.

Crating Pros

First, we’ll go over the reasons on why you should crate train your dog.

Keeps Them Out of Your Way

If your pup is in their cage for a portion of the day it can really help you to have some alone time. You can set up the crate so that they can still see you and interact, but won’t be able to constantly harass you. This can help you to keep your sanity and get some work or chores done.

Gives them a Den

Dogs are known to make dens like lots of other animals. If they have a good crate to sleep in they can make their own mini den inside it. This enables them to satisfy their instincts and be happy.

Convenient Travel

pet in cageIf you plan to do any kind of travel with your pooch then training them to like crates is an absolute must. You can’t have them fly anywhere in the cargo area of a plane without crating them. A dog that isn’t used to being in a crate will feel like it’s being punished when it’s forced in there for the first time.

Helps With Potty Training

Potty training is necessary for preventing accidents in your dogs home. If they are well behaved in the crate they won’t be able to have accidents around the house. You can also put puppy pads in the crate for them to use.

Helps Them Be Closer to You

If you want your pet to be closer to you without being too close you can customize a crate as an extension of a table or piece of furniture. This enables them to see you when you sit and watch TV. They will be much happier if they can see you.

Crate Training Cons

bored canineNow that you know all the positive aspects of crating your dog it’s time to move on to the possible negatives that you might encounter.

Puppies and Potty Training

Smaller dogs might take longer to potty train than older ones. They might end up resenting you if they have to hold their pee for too long.

The Wrong Size Can Hurt Them

If you don’t get the right size of crate they won’t be able to move around properly and might get uncomfortable. Make sure to measure the crate properly for the size of dog you have.

Puppy Boredom

A bored canine is one that will look for a way out. If they are kept in the crate for too long they will most likely get bored. You can try to prevent this by using toys and treats to distract them. Also, limit the time they are inside to a few hours at the most.


Now that you know all the facts you can decide whether to crate train your dog or not. Overall we say that the pros outweigh the cons, as long as you keep the inside of the crate comfortable for your pet and try not to have them inside for too long. If you want to read more about dog crates then go here.