Jack Russell Terrier: Dog Breed Facts, Information and Lifespan

jack russell terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a working Terrier, robust, active, agile, endowed with a strong personality. Its elastic body is of medium length, generally longer than it is high. The eyes are small, dark, almond-shaped, with a lively expression. They should not be prominent and the eyelids should be well stuck to the eyeballs. The ears, are pink, pointy and have good texture. The tail may be drooping when the dog is at rest but, in action, it springs to life. The waist is slim, and when the tail is shortened, the tip should be at the height of the ears.

Coat: it can be smooth and rough. It’s fairly water proof as well.

Color: white should be the predominant color, with black spots. The tawny spots can go from bright to chestnut color.

Size: 22 to 27 cm for the male and 24 to 31 cm for the female

Weight: 4 to 6 kg

Jack Russell Terrier History

It originated in nineteenth-century England, where the Reverend Jack Russell selected a type of dog that was able to run like a Foxhound and go underground to flush out foxes and other game. He developed two breeds: one was the high-legged type and the other was the short-legged type, which was only recognized 15 years ago.

Jack Russell Character Traits

The Jack Russell Terrier is a typical, lively, enlightened and active Terrier, keen and intelligent. Bold and fearless, friendly, but sure of itself. It is extremely energetic, an often hyperactive dog that has a crazy need to exercise.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Jack Russell Terrier can live both in a house and apartment. However, he must be out several times a day and must have the opportunity to expend their energy often.  A quiet family or house with elderly people does not suit them well.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a robust dog, however it is not immune to some hereditary diseases sometimes due to complex issues. It is important to choose the breeder well, because some dogs are predisposed to hyperactivity and are forced to adopt behavior that is difficult for them.

Average life expectancy: roughly 13 years.


It must not be aggressive. Dogs that bite are the result of poor breeding selection.