Why Do Dogs Like to Escape in the First Place?

As you obviously already know having your dog get out of their crate is a real problem.  Not only is it dangerous but it can also cost you a lot of money and wasted time dealing with these situations.  In this article we are going to take a look at the most common reasons that dogs escape in the first place and what you can do about it.

Separation Anxiety

dogs getting outThis is one of the most common reasons that dogs escape.  If you notice a pattern that your pup escapes soon after you leave, or if he stays in the area after getting out then there’s a good chance that your canine is suffering from separation anxiety.

The reason that dogs experience this is if there has recently been a major change in routine or household.  If this is the case then the issue should correct itself in time.  Another possible trigger could be the death of a dog friend or family member which can take some time for them to adjust to.

Urge to Mate

This is another big reason that is mostly an issue with males but can affect females as well.  The males urge to mate is very strong and they will go to great lengths to find a female when they feel like it.  Females also can get out when they are in heat and if they do will likely get pregnant.

The obvious solution to this is to get your male pup neutered as soon as possible and have your female dog spayed as well.  There is a huge problem with unwanted pets in the world and we feel that every dog owner should make it their responsibility to have this done so that there aren’t a bunch of unwanted pups.


dog biting cageIf you suspect that your pooch is escaping his crate because of some kind of fear then it is imperative that you discover what this fear is to begin with.  A lot of this will be due to some kind of noise.  Another reason could be due to something in the environment that they don’t like.

This is an easy fix when you realize what exactly is going on.  Just identify the problem and eliminate or reduce it.  This will make it much more likely that your dog doesn’t rip apart his crate.


Boredom will drive any canine crazy.  They are very similar to humans in this way.  They want to have fun and go for runs and walks regularly.  Dogs don’t want to be in their crate all day long so make sure that you let them out once in awhile or they will destroy their cage.

An easy way to help this problem is by simply letting them out regularly.  We would recommend letting your canine out of his cage at least a few times a day and when they do get out it should be for a decent amount of time.  Take them to the park or go on a run, they will love you for it.

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