Border Collie: Dog Breed Information, Lifespan and Facts

The Border Collie is a breed of dog with an interesting history. We will examine this breed and its traits below.

border collie

History Of The Border Collie

Like all border dogs, their location will be near the edge of the country, the location of this race is between Scotland and England. It is believed that it came to the British Isles while accompanying the Celtic communities that traveled all over Europe and Ireland.

Later they moved to Scotland where the Highland Collie race arose. This race is the one that gave rise, over time to the border collie. It was developed to be able to work for whole days and on the hardest terrains, giving it a very hard working mentality.

General Features

It is a dog that keeps still alive its primitive instincts, it defies authority, and if it is punished it will gradually lose it’s rambunctious character. It needs frequent physical exercise so if in the city it will need to be walked daily at the bare minimum. The ideal area for you to live is definitely the countryside and the large pastures with animals that graze will make your Collie very happy. Endowed with exceptional intelligence, many scientists agree that the Border Collie is one of the smartest breeds of dog in existence.

Border Collie Appearance

Hair: There are two varieties in this race: Medium length and short.
With the soft, bushy inner layer that protects it from the weather. The outer layer is abundant with smooth and silky hair.

Color: All shades are supported but standard white and black is the most common.

Head: Skull is rather wide with a well marked top, the snout is pointed with a black truffle, except in brown dogs where it can be brown as well.

Body: Athletic, wide-set and muscular. The body is slightly longer than the measured height to the cross.

Interior extremities: Legs parallel to each other. With strong but light bones.

Exterior extremities: Wide and muscular. With long, strong thighs.

Tail: Moderately long, sits low, with a lot of hair.

Lifespan: Roughly 12 years.

Weight: Between 14 and 25 Kilograms.